Induction Goal Setting Template

This one template that will get your in studio conversion rates for Newbies tconverting to Full paying members from 30-50% to 70,80% and even 90%

This Goal Setting Template will help you:

1. Impowers your team to know more about your newbies, making sure that they can really own the entire conversion process and helping that newbie get results in studio.

2. Allows your team to build a relationship with your newbie to make sure that the experience doesnt feel salesy or awkward during the rollover.

3. Builds confidence and trust between coach and newbie which we know based on data that its the most important aspect when rolling over a newbie into a full paying member. If the newbie doesnt have confidence in your team and that your coaches know what they are talking about and care about their goals, then you've lost them already.

This template sets up your newbie and your coaches for success. Your newbie - for their goals and confidence in your team, and your Coaches - to get the complete building blocks needed to get that newbie the results they want and convert them into full paying members.

Get ready to Dominate!