How to Solve the 3 biggest Problems You have Converting Newbies at Your Studio

We solve the 3 biggest problems you have when converting in the studio and reverse engineer your perfect member with this one resource.

Implementing the starterpass during the first Month of your Newbies starting will:

1. Increases engagement in your newbies first month so that they build a habit and routine when coming into your studio

2. Gamefy's your newbies experience, where they not only build relationships with other members/trainers, they are also challenged to push their boundries and achieve results early

3. Gives your newbie an exclusive prize for completion. Something that is not available to purchase, it must be earnt through the starterpass. This makes your newbie feel like they are now part of your pack

This Resource will help you nail the first 30 days of any newbie in your studio, Intro offer or straight in member. It will reverse engineer your perfect member in 30 days, giving you the best opportunity to convert them onto a rolling membership and keep them for the entire Lifetime value.